Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Ethan and The Gang of Bullies

Ethan and The Gang of Bullies

At a place not far from here, there was one HUGE group of boys who used go to the local park every evening to play. They’d pick teams of who they thought were the best players. One boy by the name of Ethan came along every day wanting to join in. Ethan was a short but fairly quick kid. He had short, dark brown hair and small brown eyes. He would wear black shorts and a slightly baggy t - shirt too. His shoes were old sneakers that were covered in grass and mud. Sometimes people would call Ethan poor and worthless.

Ethan was always picked last to join a team and sometimes the other kids made up lies saying that there could only be a certain amount of people on a team like “Oh, sorry there can only be 10 people in a team.” This was because at school he was shy and didn’t seem to play sports. All the boys thought that he was terrible at soccer and that he would make their teams lose. Although this made Ethan hurt, he would still return the next day.

Everyday the boys continued to exclude Ethan, making up excuses so that he would go away. One day Ethan became extremely sad as he overheard some of the other boys saying things like “ do you guys even like Ethan” and “ I don’t really think that Ethan should play with us.” After listening to this Ethan left as he was h e a r t b r o k e n at the fact that people didn’t like him and that people didn’t want to play with him.There was one boy in the group who didn’t approve of what the others were saying. His name was Josh. Josh was a kind - hearted boy who hated it when people put others down, and he wasn’t afraid to stand up for others and confront people to ask them to stop.

One week later at school Josh decided that he would approach Ethan and ask him to play a game of soccer with him. “Hi Ethan” said Josh cheerfully. “Ummm…… Hello” replied Ethan hesitantly. Josh tried his hardest to get Ethan to play with him, until Ethan finally agreed to have a go. Little did Josh know that Ethan was actually exceptionally good at soccer. Once they got onto the field Ethan started going for it and showed Josh what he could really do. The other boys that bullied Ethan were wondering where Josh was, so they searched the whole school until they found him playing on the field with someone they never imagined him playing with. Ethan. “Josh come on let’s play” shouted one of the boys from the top of the field. “No thanks, I’m gonna stay here with Ethan” announced Josh full of pride. The boys raced down to Josh and just as they reached him they gazed over at Ethan hugely surprised at his skills.

Racing down to the field the boys started to be mean again and say that Ethan wasn’t as good as them and that he never would be. Josh quickly butted in and shot back at the boys “hey, stop it. There’s no need to be mean. I don’t think you guys should be here.” “Well then, let’s go, come on Josh” said one of the boys slowly walking away. Josh shook his head and stayed put right where he was. Josh was determined to stay with Ethan and play with him instead of the other boys. From then on Josh and Ethan played together for hours after school and they never returned to playing with the big gang of bullies.   

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Red Riding Hood with a Twist

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived a little girl by the name of Little Red Riding Hood. Her mother was excessively fond of her and her grandmother doted on her still more.

Little Red Riding Hood lived in a little house that was in the middle of the dark, gloomy woods. The woods were covered in tall, skinny trees that reached up to heavens and looked like tower people waving around their arms. Leaves fell from the trees like snowflakes and branches waved around in the cold breeze, beckoning strangers to walk through but only very few took the chance. The leaves were rotten and solid pieces of gravel were scattered all along the path. Little Red Riding Hood stayed with her mother and regularly made visits to her grandmother’s cottage. Red’s mother relied on her a lot.

Grandma’s cottage was all the way on the other side of the woods in a small clearing. Little Red’s grandma’s cottage was old and dull. The chimney was falling apart and the roof tiles always came loose. The walls were covered in yellow - brown stones and the old wooden door was framed by faint green ivy vines. The cottage was small and overcrowded. A dark brown sign was stuck outside her house by the front door showing that it was her house.

Little Red Riding Hood’s pale skin was complimented by her blood red hood. Her eyes were extremely dark, and her long tresses of hair were jet black. Apart from her hood, Little Red wore old knee high, black leather boots, black jeans and a plain, black short sleeve t - shirt. She moved very fast, however if Little Red didn’t want to do something that she had to do she would complete the job fairly slow. Little Red Riding Hood’s voice was sweet, but when she was mad she would talk in a fierce tone.

Grandma peered out of her small window and saw Little Red standing right outside the front door. She instructed the wolf to get into the bed then she shut herself in the old pinewood closet. There was a roaring knock on the door and Little Red was standing impatiently waiting for her “grandma” to answer. “Come in dear” shouted grandma from the closet. Little Red entered the small cottage and slowly made her way into her grandmother’s room trying hard not to knock over the tall stacks of old, dust covered books in the living room. Little Red stared over at her grandma with a confused expression. She walked closer and closer to her surprisingly hairy grandma. “Hello dear” said the wolf in the squeakiest voice he could make. “Hi grandma” said Little Red hesitantly. Little Red started questioning the wolf focusing on his appearance and voice. “What big ears you have,” “all the better to hear you my dear. “And grandma what big eyes you have,” “all the better to see you my dear.” The wolf could hear grandma’s signal from the closet and jumped out of bed. Right when Little Red saw the wolf she thought that he had eaten her grandma.

Little Red was horrified. She clutched her basket full of treats tightly, and started screaming while beating the wolf. The basket was old and starting to fall apart so there were bits of straw sticking out. The straw was sharp and had a pointy tip. Every time Little Red attacked the wolf, it gave him cuts and blood rushed out. Blood was all over the floor and stained the curtains, the blankets on the bed and even Little Red’s clothing. After a while the wolf had collapsed and it looked as if he were dead. Grandma jumped out of closet just as the wolf had fallen. A petrified look appeared on her face, she was devastated. Grandma had known the wolf for years, she knew that he was a good wolf and he would never hurt anyone. A nearby woodsman was looking through the small window and saw Little Red and her grandma’s face so he decided to take a look for himself. He came and rudely walked right through the door. When he approached the scene his mouth dropped open. The woodsman looked at the wolf covered in blood then stared over at Little Red and her blood covered hands. “I’m calling the police” the woodsman announced .

“Right it looks like here that this child has just killed the wolf” announced the officer. Little Red tried her hardest to prove her innocence. The CSI had been called and they were investigating the scene. They were testing the wolf’s blood and they had taken the wolf away. Flashing lights were everywhere and police officers were slowly making their way around the cottage. Thousands of thoughts and emotions were going through Little Red’s mind at that moment. “Would I be going to jail?” she whispered to herself. The police officer had gotten back from inspecting the scene and he came to a conclusion.

He pulled out a set of cuffs and said “Little Red Riding Hood you are under arrest.” “Nooooooooo” screamed her grandma. Little Red Riding Hood was dragged away by three police officers and thrown into the van. She called out to her grandma “Grandma help meeeeeeeeee.” Little Red Riding Hood’s mother was phoned and was both furious and disappointed.

Silence fell upon the court house. Little Red Riding Hood’s friends and family were there to support her in this tight situation The judge spoke up , “We are here today to find out if Little Red is guilty for killing Mr Wolf.” Grandma walked up to the witness box and stood up tall and straight. Little Red was being flagged by two of the biggest police officers they had.  

“I must confess that I was just playing a prank on Little Red but she reacted by beating the wolf” said grandma sobbing. She didn’t want her grandchild to go jail but she had still lost a good friend. Later the twelve jury members left the room to discuss the matter. After a short deliberation the final decision was made.

“Red Riding Hood, you have been found guilty of the crimes you are accused of. I have no choice but to sentence you to life in jail without parole” announced the judge. Chaos fell upon the courtroom, “Silence” boomed the judge banging his gavel on the bench. Tears burst out of Little Red’s eyes and she had fallen to the ground weakly.  “Take her away” shouted the judge.

Till this day Little Red Riding Hood is still in prison for her terrible crime. All the while she has learnt one thing, ‘never make assumptions’  

Thursday, 10 August 2017

UN Aid Package

The United Nations provide aid packages for people who are in need. We were tasked with creating our own aid package.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Guess Who?

WALT: Use show not tell

For writing this week we have been focusing on using show not tell. We were tasked with writing a piece to describe a persons job without giving away what it is. 

Kristy - She applies the hand sanitizer to her hands before walking through the heavy doors. Her dark blue uniform shirt is decorated with her name badge and logo of her employers. Long blue trousers hang over her closed black shoes. Making her way through the hall the only thing she can hear is the sound of little kids screaming and adults trying to calm them down. As she walks into her patient’s room she sees a girl rolling over on her bed. Slowly she walks over with precaution. Luckily nothing is wrong, the patient is just sleeping. Going to check on her next patient she grabs the antibiotics and proceeds to treat him. She injects the antibiotics into the patient’s arm. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh” the boy screams loudly in pain. Covering his arm with a bandage the boy slowly starts to quieten down.  

Sam Gyup Sal VS Kiwi BBQ

WALT: Make Connections

The Justice League used the information in "Sam Gyup Sal" by Kat Temitope to complete a comparison between a Korean and a Kiwi Barbecue.

The world is connected in many ways such as through imports and exports, technology and food. Many people when they migrate to another country take their customs, traditions and food with them. Wherever you go in Auckland you have the opportunity to eat the cuisine of many different countries. One cuisine you could try is Korean, and in particular a Korean barbecue. We are comparing a Korean BBQ with a traditional Kiwi BBQ.

Grill - Tvisha and Theo
Both Korea and New Zealand cook their meat on a grill. Kiwi BBQ’s traditionally cook on a rectangular gas, electric or charcoal grill. Kiwi’s always cook a barbecue outdoors to prevent fires. Korean BBQ grills are circular and placed inside a table indoors. Kiwi barbecues are safer than Korean barbecues due to being outside away from flammable materials.

Pork - Joshua and Shreyas
Both Korean BBQ and Kiwi BBQ involve pork. While Korean BBQ uses small chunks of pork and fat, Kiwi BBQs predominantly use sausages. The Sam gyup sal uses less of the pig than sausages as sausages could include any part of the animal. On the other hand, the pork in Sam gyup sal just uses the belly of the pig. The benefits of using sausages over Sam gyup sal is that it's more economical as they don't waste any part of the pig.

Condiments and Sides - Alexus
A Kiwi BBQ and a Korean BBQ are similar in that they come with a range of condiments and side dishes. A Kiwi BBQ’s sides and condiments include the traditional Watties tomato sauce, mustard, Watties BBQ sauce, onions and coleslaw. However in a Korean BBQ the sides and condiments are egg pancakes, kimchi, pieces of yellow radish, spring onions and crab. Korean BBQ seems to have more of a variety of food to eat meaning that you can customise your meal to your own preference.

Serving - Charlotte and Kristy
Both Korea and New Zealand have different ways of serving their meats and salads when having a BBQ. In Korea for a BBQ they serve their food in a lettuce leaf, and then fill the lettuce leaf with pork, and whatever types of sides that they would like. However in New Zealand the meat and sides are usually served in rolls or buns. Korean BBQ’s are much healthier than a Kiwi BBQ, this is because they eat less bread. Korean BBQ is also gluten free.

Conclusion -
Overall Korean and Kiwi BBQs have a lot of similarities when it comes to how they cook the meat, what meat they use, what condiments and sides they have and how they serve their food. Food is a way of connecting with the world, not only through migration but through imports and exports. As Martin Luther King once said “Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world“. In Auckland we have many different restaurants that serve many different cuisines such as Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Indian and many more. We are lucky to have such variety and be able to connect with cultures from around the world.