Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Ethan and The Gang of Bullies

Ethan and The Gang of Bullies

At a place not far from here, there was one HUGE group of boys who used go to the local park every evening to play. They’d pick teams of who they thought were the best players. One boy by the name of Ethan came along every day wanting to join in. Ethan was a short but fairly quick kid. He had short, dark brown hair and small brown eyes. He would wear black shorts and a slightly baggy t - shirt too. His shoes were old sneakers that were covered in grass and mud. Sometimes people would call Ethan poor and worthless.

Ethan was always picked last to join a team and sometimes the other kids made up lies saying that there could only be a certain amount of people on a team like “Oh, sorry there can only be 10 people in a team.” This was because at school he was shy and didn’t seem to play sports. All the boys thought that he was terrible at soccer and that he would make their teams lose. Although this made Ethan hurt, he would still return the next day.

Everyday the boys continued to exclude Ethan, making up excuses so that he would go away. One day Ethan became extremely sad as he overheard some of the other boys saying things like “ do you guys even like Ethan” and “ I don’t really think that Ethan should play with us.” After listening to this Ethan left as he was h e a r t b r o k e n at the fact that people didn’t like him and that people didn’t want to play with him.There was one boy in the group who didn’t approve of what the others were saying. His name was Josh. Josh was a kind - hearted boy who hated it when people put others down, and he wasn’t afraid to stand up for others and confront people to ask them to stop.

One week later at school Josh decided that he would approach Ethan and ask him to play a game of soccer with him. “Hi Ethan” said Josh cheerfully. “Ummm…… Hello” replied Ethan hesitantly. Josh tried his hardest to get Ethan to play with him, until Ethan finally agreed to have a go. Little did Josh know that Ethan was actually exceptionally good at soccer. Once they got onto the field Ethan started going for it and showed Josh what he could really do. The other boys that bullied Ethan were wondering where Josh was, so they searched the whole school until they found him playing on the field with someone they never imagined him playing with. Ethan. “Josh come on let’s play” shouted one of the boys from the top of the field. “No thanks, I’m gonna stay here with Ethan” announced Josh full of pride. The boys raced down to Josh and just as they reached him they gazed over at Ethan hugely surprised at his skills.

Racing down to the field the boys started to be mean again and say that Ethan wasn’t as good as them and that he never would be. Josh quickly butted in and shot back at the boys “hey, stop it. There’s no need to be mean. I don’t think you guys should be here.” “Well then, let’s go, come on Josh” said one of the boys slowly walking away. Josh shook his head and stayed put right where he was. Josh was determined to stay with Ethan and play with him instead of the other boys. From then on Josh and Ethan played together for hours after school and they never returned to playing with the big gang of bullies.   

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